Aldrufeu Associats
En la memoria

1987 ALDRUFEU & ASSOCIATS is founded by Anna Aldrufeu, with the objective of producing and selling top quality nursery plants. Therefore, research and its subsequent application is traditional in the company. Down the years, ALDRUFEU & ASSOCIATS has collaborated on numerous occasions with institutions such as the IRTA (Research and Technology Institute of the Agri-Food Industry), or with the Universities of Almería, Oviedo or Barcelona.
ALDRUFEU & ASSOCIATS's products are linked to the world of top quality ornamental, aromatic and shrub plants, and its clients include top producers in the sector.
ALDRUFEU & ASSOCIATS is a company that looks towards the future but has an important past.

1865 Joaquim Aldrufeu starts working as horticulturalist in Barcelona. His love and dedication allow him to progress until obtaining a new variety of rose, which he would name "Reina María Cristina" (or Queen Maria Cristina) after which he was appointed Royal Gardener. Undoubtedly, this was the beginning of a saga.

1911 Joan Aldrufeu Gurguí followed in his father's footsteps, consolidating the business in the world of ornamental horticulture. Historical circumstances forced him to leave Barcelona and to move to Vilassar de Mar. As of that moment, the province of the Maresme became the family's headquarters and reference point.

1946 Joan Aldrufeu Casas heads the family business. Through modernising and specialising production he transforms the business into a company. One of its main advantages is to have one of the best collections of Pelargonium. A historical commitment and passion for the ornamental sector will do the rest.